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I love food. Not only is it in my DNA but cooking brings me comfort as well. Most my childhood days were spent in the kitchen and it quickly became a place I could create and get lost in time. My first attempt outside of “kid food” happened when I was 8 years old and got my hands on a chocolate soufflé recipe from an old Betty Crocker Cookbook. Surprisingly, it turned out edible
even though it didn’t rise! This was an impactful time in my life where I made a creative connection with food, from that moment on a little chef inside was born.


I believe that food has many amazing qualities…

  • As simple as you want or as complex as you desire

  • It can bring comfort or show love

  • One bite can take you on a cultural trip around the globe

  • Ultimately, it is the powerhouse we use to fuel our bodies

I started in this industry at age 12, rollerblading my way to work as a dishwasher in a bar. Not sure how legal that was but I enjoyed every minute of it! I have my Certifications in Culinary and Butchery. I have had the privilege of traveling the globe, working most positions in the kitchen, and most recently being part of a startup spice company growing into a multimillion-dollar business in just a few years.

I have loved everything about it but as my life changes and evolves so is my culinary calling. On this new journey I became a Certified Health & Wellness Coach. As a husband and father to 4 growing boys I want nothing more than for my family to know how to care well for themselves.

This was my next big aha moment!


The complete package. Practical and purposeful. Coaching coupled with Culinary. A place where wellness fuses together with a butcher’s trade, through a chef’s eye.

And hence… The Butchered Chef was born

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